Harbourfest 2019 Sinkers Conference

There is more to building a cardboard boat than one would think. First you have to get the cardboard (thanks Maureen), have a dry bug-free area, and all the tools. It also helps to have two students working with you.


From such humble beginnings a mighty craft was born - the F.O.P.E. HMCS Quackgrass.


It was deemed a bit heavy, but that just gave it stability. Louise was actually saying it would never float!

August 2019 012.JPG

Unlike last year’s attempt, this one actually knew it was a boat - much to the relief of Catlin and Kayla, her crew. It not only floated, but won the first heat.

August 2019 015.JPG
August 2019 016.JPG

Things were going well in the second heat until an enterprising but annoying child broke Kayla’s paddle. This left us limping in with only one wing.

Overall, the boat came in fourth - a new PB for us. And It won the overall last heat.

The builders were very proud.