Community Award for Betty

Betty Hodgson - Community Leader

Betty’s commitment to volunteering goes back to growing up in a farming community where everyone did everything in order for events and progress to happen.

During Betty’s career as a nurse, she volunteered as much as her job and family commitment allowed. Along with her husband, the environment was always a major focus. Betty moved to the Gulf Shore after retiring from nursing, wanting to become involved in the community in order to meet people. Joining the Friends of the Pugwash Estuary, Pugwash Ground Search and Rescue and the Northumberland Community Curling Club filled her passion regarding the environment, being outdoors and a need to be productive and social.

In the seven years she has lived on the Golf Shore, she has come to appreciate the strengths she constantly sees in this area. People have been very kind and welcoming. There is such a wealth of talent, exemplified by groups like the Ramsheg Hookers, who’s members share so much of themselves.

While Betty says that she came to this area by chance, it became just the perfect fit for her in the end.


Fostering a Passion for the Environment!