Canada 150 Celebration & Fall Flotilla

September 23, 2017

Two significant things have happened this fall.  First, Bob Nogler won a Communities in Bloom award as one of four volunteers of the year for Pugwash.  He received the award for his work towards the building of the second FOPE hiking trail.

Building a trail is a gift to the community which will give enjoyment to generations of Pugwash hikers.  The Pugwash Peace Trail at about 3.5 km was built to recognize the work of the Thinkers and of all others who strive for peace.   

The second event was the official opening of this new trail - FOPE’s Canada 150 celebration.  After a few words by Al Gillis, the celebration started with a solstice ceremony to honour the changing of the seasons and a smudging ceremony led by Louise Goodwin and Emile Gautreau.  

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John Carraberis, vice chair of FOPE and Doug VanHemessen of NCC cut the ribbon, and declared the trails open.  The signs acknowledging the important partnerships with NCC, the Seagull foundation property, the Pagweak foundation and Windsor salt were displayed as were the interpretive signs that will be placed along the trails.

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A group of about 15 hiked, and another group in 17 canoes and kayaks hit the water for the annual fall flotilla.

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It was a gorgeous day, and after the outings, the Estuary house was at its best with some jamming by visiting musicians and a BBQ to greet people as they returned.  And it was warm enough for some to swim.


The new trail is part of the Pugwash Peace Trail System with two loops accessible from it - the Masicho and the Kitpoo Loops make another 1.75 km available.  Come and try them out

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