Feasting with Friends - Take 3

September 10, 2016

The golf course dining room looked gorgeous after being set up by Bill, Mary, Jenn and golf club crew. Dennice and Faith did the flowers, and we were ready to party.  

Oysters anyone?  Kelley Pye shucked and seemed to be stationed at the most popular place on the deck - well perhaps other than the bar. The scallops were a big hit too - a new idea this year for those who just can't cosy up to a raw oyster.  Alice mc'ed; Wally and Lee cooked (first year for sturgeon); everyone ate, and it was time for dessert (all homemade - thank you, ladies!) and our speaker.  Barry Rothfuss of the Atlantic Wildlife Institute outlined all the good work they are doing.  Our entertainer was Chris Brown of Springhill who livened the place up with some music.

We owe a lot of people thanks for this third annual event.  First and foremost, thanks to John Mills and the members of the Northumberland Links Golf Club who closed their dining room and allowed us to use their wonderful facilities.  And then there is the


staff who were terrific and looked after every need.  Wally, of course, and Lee who did the cooking, our speaker and our entertainer made the evening special.

And to all of you who continue to support FOPE every year - we thank you!