Walking the Peace Trail

There are too many people to thank for our wonderful new trail, but Colin Hines, Bob Nogler and Pamela Krieg have to be singled out.  Colin was our summer student hire and what a terrific addition to our volunteers he was.  Pamela came in a bit later, but soon proved her worth.

On Friday, August 26, Colin's last day, they took some of the FOPE community to show us our new trail.  It is gorgeous, skirting the estuary and Canfield Creek, rarely out of sight of the water.  The rest place has a picnic table which Colin and Pam paddled over and then somehow got up the cliff and put in place.  

And just for posterity, let it be known that Skylar Adams is the first kid to walk the trail.  

I will be putting a map up as soon as it officially opens.

Stephen had a suitable gift for Colin for all his hard work, and we were all sad to see both of our students go.  Thank you so much.