Fall Flotilla 2016

October 16, 2016

The Fall Flotilla was not just about floating this year.  We did have 15 boats (well 16, but that is another story) with 23 hardy paddlers, but for the first time, we also had 22 walkers.  They trod our new Pugwash Peace Trail led by Alice, Mike and Jose.  As an extra bonus, Sherman Williams was there to share his expertise.  

As for the paddlers, the breeze was interesting at points.  Some of the paddlers stopped to look at the teepee. Some just kept going to the end of beautiful Canfield Creek.  We contemplated travelling into the lakes, but the thought of the hikers getting all the food, and also the state of the tide, had us deciding to paddle back - well actually we blew back.  

No worries.  There was lots of food, cooked by that master of the barbeque, Rocky Irons.  Hot chocolate, a bonfire and good company wrapped up a beautiful sunny fall day.