Open House

April 22, 2018

Our 3 pronged event this year was a success.  The hikers had a lovely spring hike with Doug and Greg providing commentary.  There were about 18 people on the trail.  The kids had a lot of fun tearing around the trail finding the controls - and getting their treasure - hopefully this event will grow next year.  We had about 6 kids participating.  The open house itself was more of an open yard - it was such a gorgeous day, we all just had to sit outside and eat a hotdog - expertly prepared by chefs McDonald and Hunt.  A big thanks from Betty for all who came out and helped.


Bird Count 2017

Four intrepid field observers, backed up by 10 home feeder counters braved the cold weather to record 686 individual birds from 29 species. The high lights of the count included 8 bald eagles, 3 from the Wallace River population and 4 on the Pugwash River with one at the bridge in Pugwash. Six Common Goldeneyes were observed at Estuary House but larger numbers of both Common and Burrows Goldeneyes were seen in the open water by the bridge in Pugwash along with Red-breasted and Common Mergansers.

While not officially within our count area, a flock of 148 Canada geese were observed flying west over the ice of the Northumberland Strait, presumably looking for an area of open water or somewhere to feed. All the birds, from the bald eagles roosting above Docherty Creek to the herring gulls huddled on the ice of the Pugwash Basin, appeared hunched up and minding the cold.

A sincere thank you to everyone who contributed to the count. I am very impressed with our numbers, considering the weather, and I'm sure NS Bird Society and Bird Studies Canada will appreciate our numbers too.

2017 12 28 - Bird count.jpg
2017 12 28 - Eagles 4.jpg

Christmas Party a success

John and Bonnie opened up their beautiful hall for a wonderful Christmas party this year and many members of FOPE came to celebrate with us.  We had way more food than we could eat and people also generously donated to the food bank.

Thank you so much, John and Bonnie.  Good party!


So from all of us at FOPE, we wish you a very Merry Christmas.  See you at the Bird Count on Dec. 28th!!!

We Won Second

FOPE participated in the annual Christmas Tree Fest at the High School  Beat out by Mike Cunningham's tree, we were still second place winners. Thanks to Mary, Sarah, Bonnie, Betty, Sandy and Dianne who all worked on the tree. 

Look out Mike Cunningham.

2017 11 29 - Bonnie and Betty.jpg
2017 11 29 - Concentrating.jpg
2017 12 2 - Checking it twice.jpg
2017 11 29 - Elves.jpg
                                             Voila.  The prize-winning tree!

                                           Voila.  The prize-winning tree!