Canada 150 Celebration & Fall Flotilla

September 23, 2017

Two significant things have happened this fall.  First, Bob Nogler won a Communities in Bloom award as one of four volunteers of the year for Pugwash.  He received the award for his work towards the building of the second FOPE hiking trail.

Building a trail is a gift to the community which will give enjoyment to generations of Pugwash hikers.  The Pugwash Peace Trail at about 3.5 km was built to recognize the work of the Thinkers and of all others who strive for peace.   

The second event was the official opening of this new trail - FOPE’s Canada 150 celebration.  After a few words by Al Gillis, the celebration started with a solstice ceremony to honour the changing of the seasons and a smudging ceremony led by Louise Goodwin and Emile Gautreau.  

zfope camera 175.jpg
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John Carraberis, vice chair of FOPE and Doug VanHemessen of NCC cut the ribbon, and declared the trails open.  The signs acknowledging the important partnerships with NCC, the Seagull foundation property, the Pagweak foundation and Windsor salt were displayed as were the interpretive signs that will be placed along the trails.

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A group of about 15 hiked, and another group in 17 canoes and kayaks hit the water for the annual fall flotilla.

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It was a gorgeous day, and after the outings, the Estuary house was at its best with some jamming by visiting musicians and a BBQ to greet people as they returned.  And it was warm enough for some to swim.


The new trail is part of the Pugwash Peace Trail System with two loops accessible from it - the Masicho and the Kitpoo Loops make another 1.75 km available.  Come and try them out

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September 9th - Fourth Annual Feast of Land and Sea


The fourth annual feast could not have been on a more beautiful day. John Caraberas’s music, not to mention Kelly Pye and her oysters, with the scallops and teriyaki chicken skewers, started things off.  


And then, there was the Silent Auction filled with goodies from all those people who so kindly donate and support us.


Shane Robillard of Fox Harbour prepared a delicious dinner. Sheryl’s bakery finished the night.  


And don’t forget those people who were named on your menu card who donated food to the feast.  The salmon, chicken, leeks, oysters and scallops were all from generous people.



We are volunteers who work at this, and with any volunteer organization, glitches are bound to happen.  To those of you who did not get to sample all the foods, we do apologize. What we really appreciate was your understanding.  We did not get one complaint - everyone took it in good spirit.  But that is the kind of place Pugwash is.


And to all of you who continue to support and contribute to FOPE by attending our feast, we thank you so much.        

See you next year!!!    


We have so many thank you's.  First to the golf course and John Mills and Liz Roscoe for allowing us this venue.  Then to Lynn, Catherine and Danielle for all their hard work.  


Betty was at the helm this year and was an excellent emcee.

Thanks for the napkin laundry, Theresa!

Thanks for the napkin laundry, Theresa!

Thank You

The Northumberland Links Golf Course was given a print of the Pugwash River painted by noted Nova Scotia artist Tom Forrestall.  The Golf Club was kind enough to allow FOPE to host its 2016 Feast of Land and Sea there last September.  Accepting the print is Liz Roscoe, president of NLGC.  

And the Winner Is . . . 

Our own Stephen Leahey was the winner of this year's beautiful quilt done by Miriam Thompson.  This (and to a much smaller extent the hot dog sale) was the key to this year's April fundraising

It was not a very warm day!

And we fed a few hungry souls doing their good deed for the environment.


Everything is coming together in our house, and it will look a lot better for this year's open house in April than it did for last year.  The many hands saying is certainly true, but the biggest accolades go to the two leaders, Werner and Louise van Thielen.  The upstairs has been painted and the floor has been laid.  Onward to the ground floor.

2017, 03 08 - Dianne.jpg
2017, 03 08 - Ami.jpg

AGM - February 25, 2017

This year's AGM focussed on reviewing the projects and work done this year.  It was preceded by a snowshoe where members once again experienced our two beautiful trails.

A draw was held for those who snowshoed, and the winner was Merlin Brown.  He was awarded his prize, a copy of "Hiking Trails of Mainland Nova Scotia" by Sarah Witney, organizer of the hike.

Bird List Christmas Bird Count, Dec. 29, 2016

The 2016 FOPE Christmas Bird Count was a huge success.

A total of 2412 birds were identified involving 41 different species.

Thirty volunteers took part in the count, 15 home feeders were counted and 5 teams of hikers covered more than 30 kms of hiking trails identifying birds in their natural habitats along the way. Two teams of birders drove 50 or so kilometers of road around the Pugwash Estuary, stopping periodically to count birds at when spotted or at likely sites.

Co-ordinator of the Count, Betty Hodgson of the FOPE Board, would like to thank all those who took part. This is the first year we have undertake the Christmas Bird Count of a "circle" recognised by the NS Bird Society. results of our count have been submitted to the NS Bird Society and through them to Bird Studies Canada and the International Audubon Society.

European Starling 1187
Black-capped Chickadee 217
American Goldfinch 155    
American Crow 153
Herring Gull 93
Blue Jay 83
Canada Geese 70
Evening Grosbeaks 61
Mourning Doves 52
Dark-eyed Junco 50
Rock Dove (pigeon) 49
Snow Buntings 46
White-winged Scoter 25
Raven 20
Ring Necked Pheasants 19
Common Merganser 17
Red-breasted Merganser 15    
Hairy Woodpecker 12
American Tree Sparrow 11
Bald Eagle 10
Downy Woodpecker 10    

Golden-crowned Kinglet 9                       Ruffed Grouse 9
House Sparrow 8
Pileated woodpecker 7
Bufflehead 4
Pine Grosbeak 4
Red-breasted Nuthatch 3
White-breasted Nuthatch 3
Bonaparte's Gull 2
Great Black-backed Gull 1
Barrows Goldeneye 1
Rough Legged Hawk 1
Red-tailed Hawk 1
Great Horned Owl 1
Gray Jay 1
Song Sparrow 1        
Sharp-shinned Hawk 1
White-throated Sparrow 1
Pine Siskin 1
Belted King Fisher 1