From time to time, we recognize a member who has gone out of his or her way to support FOPE.  As of Summer, 2017, we have awarded nine people with lifetime memberships:


Our first recipients to be honoured with a lifetime membership were Bela and Davida Mehta.  They have given us their support from the earliest days.


In 2015, Kim Atwood and Steven Huston were honoured for their leadership for one of our main fundraising events, the Feast of Land and Sea.


In 2016, we had two sets of recipients.

Ralph and Miriam Thompson have contributed wisdom and quilts to FOPE over the years and were honoured with a Lifetime Membership.  Miriam's quilts have been the keystone of our fundraising efforts for many years.  Ralph has been with FOPE since the beginning offering guidance and humour.  Thank you both!

Our other 2016 honorees, Diane Burnham and Rocky Irons received their lifetime membership at the April open house.  They have supported FOPE through donations, work and good cheer over the last years and that support has been appreciated.  Thank you, Rocky and Diane.


Maureen Woodlock has been with FOPE since the beginning, doing the books, keeping us on the straight and narrow, pitching in with everything.  A volunteer who goes above and beyond.  She richly deserves to be 2017's lifetime member.