2014 and 2015

Estuary House Improvements 

The house has come a long way!  Over the winter of 2014/2015, the asbestos siding was replaced with cedar and in early June 2015, a group of people got together and stained it.  All the windows and exterior doors were also changed.  A heat pump has been installed and we now have our monthly meetings at the house.  The place was spruced up in time for an open house on April 19th.

Trail cutting 

There is now a lovely 3 kilometer walking trail through the property thanks to a crew who met and cleared it in time for winter skiing.

November 7, 2015

Our New Trail

Garnet McLaughlin of Cobequid Trail Consulting led a group of FOPE volunteers for a day of extending and maintaining the beautiful winding trail we first started last November.  We now have 2 kilometers of trail ready to be used with another 0.5 to be developed.  Eventually the trail will be a full loop with viewing stations over the salt marsh. You can find the trailhead just to the rear of the FOPE house.  

It is really pretty now - and will be great to snowshoe. Come and try it out!

The reward for our hard work - a sighting of trees in flower in November.  Look out for the stand of witch hazel near the trailhead.

IMG_3671 (1).jpg


June 19, 2016

Estuary House Trail

This spring saw us working on completing The Pugwash Estuary Trail, and it is a walker's delight.  It starts behind the FOPE house on Crowley Road.  The bridges are now in place, so no wet feet, and there are information signs along the way to explain the features. FOPE and NCCC invite you to explore the variety and beauty of the trail and the estuary.


April 24, 2016 


A lot has been happening to the FOPE house.  Renovations are under way, and we held our open house to show off where we are now.



August 26, 2016

Walking the Peace Trail

There are too many people to thank for our wonderful new trail, but Colin Hines, Bob Nogler and Pamela Krieg have to be singled out.  Colin was our summer student hire and what a terrific addition to our volunteers he was.  Pamela came in a bit later, but soon proved her worth.

On Friday, August 26, Colin's last day, they took some of the FOPE community to show us our new trail.  It is gorgeous, skirting the estuary and Canfield Creek, rarely out of sight of the water.  The rest place has a picnic table which Colin and Pam paddled over and then somehow got up the cliff and put in place.  

Stephen had a suitable gift for Colin for all his hard work, and we were all sad to see both of our students go.  Thank you so much.

4 Hike Aug. 26 1.jpg

August 2016

The World Can See Us

We are featured in the Chronicle Herald with an article about the digitization of our trail.  It should be available through Google Earth soon!

IMG_0604 (1).jpg

Canada 150

Our Canada 150 project is highlighted at https://alliance150.ca/project/pugwash-peace-trail/.  This was our proposal.  Photos to follow of our celebrations to open the trail.

Nov. 5, 2016

Tidying the Place up a Bit

Betty called a work party and they came.  Thanks to Sarah, Bob, Dianne, Doug, Diane, Mike, Margie, Ami, Sandy, Alice and Bill and of course Betty - and Shubie!

2016 11 05 - Ditch Cleaning 7.jpg
2016 11 05 - Ditch Cleaning 6.jpg
2016 11 05 - Ditch Cleaning 4.jpg

Nov. 12, 2016


Our renovations are coming along.  The gyprock is up and the place looks 100 % better.  Thanks Diane Burnham.  Next up - the downstairs bathroom!  

2016 11 05 - Renovations2.jpg
2016 11 05 - Renovations.jpg


March, 2017

Everything came together in 2017 in our house.  The many hands saying is certainly true, but the biggest accolades go to the two leaders, Werner and Louise van Thielen.